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What are the advantages of calcium plastic box?


As a unique raw material for packaging and transportation, calcium plastic box can replace the general packaging carton. It is widely used in fruit boxes, vegetable and fruit boxes, food boxes, commodity boxes, postal express boxes and other commodities. It has many advantages and uses:
1. Calcium plastic board is a general plastic raw material with high-quality packaging and printing surface, which can be printed immediately.
2. When stacking articles and boxes, it can ensure that the goods will not be damaged.
3. Beautiful colors can attract customers' attention, enhance product advantages and increase transaction volume.
4. Good perseverance and flexibility.
5. Excellent wear resistance
7. Durable, moisture-proof, telescopic, easy to form, light weight, impact resistance and waterproof.
8. Non toxic, anticorrosive and recyclable.
9. Good ductility and permeability.
10. Low water permeability, good cold resistance and good washing resistance.
11. No corrosion and chemical resistance.
12. Easy to clean and maintain.
13. Flexible and foldable.
14. Easy to copy and paste.
16. It has the function of expansion and storage, which can save a lot of indoor space in spare time or transportation.
17. The specification and model can be changed flexibly according to the customer's requirements.
18. High cost performance, which is economical for all end product users.
19. It is easy to manufacture and can be laser cut and formed according to customer requirements.

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