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What is the bearing capacity of the hollow plate turnover box? calcium plastic box


Hollow board is a kind of multifunctional and solid plastic board. Hollow board can be produced according to the special style and function of customers. What is the bearing capacity of hollow slab turnover box?
The appearance design of hollow board turnover box is similar to that of carton. Its material is polyethylene resin, or HDPE. In the whole manufacturing process, adding certain components of calcium bicarbonate not only makes the box have strong impact resistance and high temperature resistance, but also expands its bearing capacity and makes it more and more widely used. Generally speaking, the thickness of hollow plate is greater than 4mm, and the limit error is greater than 5mm. Elongation at break, vertical compressive force, tearing force and breaking force are different. With the change of bearing capacity, the bearing capacity of the box will also change.
The greater the bearing capacity of the shell, the greater the weight of the goods, otherwise it will not work. After discussing the composition and various data information of so many plastic boxes, let's talk about the characteristics and functions of this box. The appearance is very beautiful, which can improve the quality and selling points of the goods inside to a certain extent. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and does not contain chemicals harmful to human body and natural environment. It is usually suitable for manufacturing industries, such as heavy industrial equipment, aviation instrument panel, high-end pharmaceutical and auto parts.
The hollow board is made of environment-friendly polypropylene material, which has strong moisture-proof, flame-retardant and antistatic effects. Because its surface is smooth and easy to color, it can also be painted with various colors or pattern designs according to the requirements of customers, so as to improve the quality and color of the box as soon as possible. However, the biggest advantage of hollow plate is its strong bearing capacity. While producing and processing such boxes, it can also improve the bearing capacity of the back and side of the box according to the specific application requirements. Therefore, empty containers with strong carrying capacity can better serve everyone and regularize the goods in them.

Calcium plastic turnover box, hollow board, calcium plastic box

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