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Why must food grade calcium plastic turnover box be selected? calcium plastic box


The plastic turnover box has beautiful appearance and convenient use. It is often used in the field of production and life. The so-called food grade turnover box is mainly made of environment-friendly PE or PP materials, and the quality and safety need to meet the requirements of national food safety inspection standards.
The food turnover box is made of environment-friendly PP or PE materials, which is environmentally friendly, safe and beautiful. The size specification is obtained through strict mathematical calculation and can be used with standard logistics equipment. Corresponding specifications are formulated for fruits and vegetables, milk, bread and other foods, which can be equipped with different specifications for customers in different industries.
The most important thing of the special turnover box for food is the health and safety problems in the process of food turnover. Therefore, we must discuss the raw materials of products here. The turnover box produced with recycled materials will be mixed with some toxic and harmful substances, which will directly pollute the food. In addition, the performance of recycled materials is poor, the rotating box is easy to embrittle, and it is easy to be damaged in the process of extrusion and stacking. In short, when purchasing plastic turnover boxes, we should first see whether the materials are new. Capital plastics always attaches importance to product quality to ensure the health of consumers. This is an ideal choice to reassure you.
Calcium plastic turnover box, hollow board, calcium plastic box

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